Words by Jamie Wright

15 Visual Studio Code extensions for faster web development

I’ve pulled together this list of extensions specifically to help you become a faster and more efficient web developer.
Jamie Wright
Featured Animation

5 modern snow effects you can add to your website

Snow effects get a bit of a bad rep on the Internet. Whilst some may think they’re a bit, well, tacky, there’s nothing that quite says Christmas like a few snowflakes drifting gently down the screen…
Jamie Wright

Top 10 Sass (SCSS) mixins for frontend developers

Writing in SCSS lets you use features that don't exist in CSS yet like variables and nesting. The biggest feature though, in my opinion, is mixins. I'm not going to go into depth of what they are, or how they work, as there are other articles out there in the wild for that.
Jamie Wright

How many fonts is too many?

As with everything, with this new found typographic freedom, there comes a new responsibility not to abuse these new powers.
Jamie Wright